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Asthma  is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, a whistling sound (wheezing) when you breathe out and shortness of breath.

Our Service



2 stages

1. Immunity boost up method

Our method helps to strengthen the immune system

The human immune system is an incredible system and works to protect, defend, and rid the body from illnesses and invading germs.

Asthma and the immune system are connected because of how the body responds to the airborne toxins a person is exposed to. The immune system’s job is to maintain good health and defend any foreign substances that are inhaled or ingested. Having a strong immune system is crucial in helping individuals combat their asthma and the triggers they are exposed to.

2. Rootcause based  method

(a) . Gut health related 


​Several studies have linked a dysbiosis of the gut microbiome early in life with an enhanced risk for asthma development later in life.

Gut bacteria may also contribute to asthma development through lower airway bacterial colonization. These bacteria appear to trigger atopy or cross talk between different areas of the immune system. Over time, this communication could contribute to the development of asthma or other undesired immune responses.


Internal medicine



:  3 course (1 course/20 days)

:  Continues  3 X  20= 60 + (30*) = 90 days

:  1 - 0 - 1


Consultation :

4.30  A.M and  7.30 P.M  Everyday

Please make   sure the appointment and availability of medicine through phone. 

please call....  +91-9946914764


Complete rest/relaxation/Special diet and regimen  required for 90 days.

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