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P.C Goerge MLA

Govt. of Kerala, INDIA

P.C Georg's wife smt. Usha George was treated for her kidney stone disease. and she is cured. 

K. Rashakrishnan

Speeker Govt of kerala

K. Radhakrishnan (Hon.Speeker Govt. of kerala) was  suffering kidney stone disease and he treated with us, Now he is fine and busy with his political schedule .

Johny Nelloor M.L.A

Govt. of kerala

Johny Nelloor was suffering kidney stone disease from last few  years, and he treated with  Thankamma mundamattam and completely cured, and he suggest many patients from Kerala and abroad.

P.T.A Rahim MLA

Govt. of kerala

P.T.A Rahim M.L.A is our patient for his kidneystone disease. 

Thampi Kannamthanam

Malayalam Director

Thampi Kannamthanam and his family treated for Migraine Headache  


Actor Malayalam

Niyas was suffering kidneystone  and he  came to us and take our treatment. When his  problems solved, he become our model and a well wisher,  He suggest and advice many patients  about us and they all are satisfied with our treatment 

Suvarna Mathew

Malayalam Actress

Suvarna Mathew was treated for her Migraine problems and she completely cured from her headache and  concentrated on her career  


Actor Malayalam

Krishnaprasad was our patient for his  kidneystone disease.

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